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Tuesday EPC trip - DaveC, JonP, Bog and SamT.


Having been lured over to climbing by light nights and dry weather since my initial trips, it was with an air of excitement that I met the guys at the parking spot. Boards were drilled and threaded and loaded onto shoulders. Keen to make up for the fact that I hadn't been involved much, I loaded up two sets of boards and pelicase and marched off up the hill. This soon became a stumble and I admitted defeat at the gate by the rake, dumping one set of boards there to be collected later.  We soon had all the boards up the hill though and myself, bog and Dave set about lowering them down, whilst Jon went to the bottom to un hook them, which all went pretty smoothly. Scaffold next and the place was soon clanging like a campanologists convention. 


Safely down, we carried everything through and I got my first glimpse down the shaft. Hell's teeth as Clive would say, its looking like a long way to the bottom and as I climbed down the greasy makeshift scaff ladder, I made a mental note not to fall off. I had a quick dig, filling about 10 buckets and loosened up a few bigger boulders in the floor which will need capping. Its a while since I've ruckled boulders with a crowbar and I'd forgotten how immensely satisfying it can be. 

The loose pear shaped mallion was tightened on the way back up and after a brief dalliance with a farmers blonde on the way back, I was home, satisfied with a great evening.  Poor Weather permitting. I'll be back next Tuesday!


Next team down I'm guessing will need to install the next ring and the boulders in the floor will need capping (or netting up possibly if you have enough hauling power).